Skyrocket Customer Engagement
with Smart Chatbots

Let Aritficial Intelligence resolve your customers' queries
in seconds, not days.

Join the leading companies that work with us for stellar results

Savings in Operational Expenses
Reduction in time to respond to customer
Increase in personalised customer service

Highly scalable software for the digital world. Built for Possibilities.

Omnichannel Support

Scale across Web, Apps, Messaging, Social Media and IoT

Hybrid Chat

Switch between only AI (auto-pilot), Agent + AI (co-pilot) or Agent only modes


We speak all the languages your customers do. English, Hindi and many more.

Powerful Customer Analytics Suite

We give you everything you need to empower your business and customers

Quick and flexible integrations

Our systems work with every backend. No rip and replace tech

Enhance Digital to Unlock Inefficiencies

Smarter, higher value purchase and service interactions for customers while minimising the impact of manual, resource intensive business and supply chain processes

A system that works for you anywhere, all the time.

Improve customer satisfaction at scale

Instant Resolution

Your customers get the support they're looking for on their favourite devices and mediums. 24x7.

Personalised Engagement

Highly contextual offerings that treat every individual separately, as a VIP.

Brand Ambassadors

Customers directly interact with your vision of customer experience. Not a call centre agent

Built with you in mind

Future Proof, fast and cost efficient

Quickly add messaging to all your customer touchpoints with access to channels you'll need today and in the future

Beyond the limits of Chatbots

Boost your concierge, sales, call and email support teams with machine learning and AI

Deep expertise, security and always-on support

Our engineering team is at the cutting edge of technological innovation. Access analytics and expertise built for reliable deployments in a bank-grade secure and compliant environment

Harness big data for actionable insights

Agent performance and ticket stats

Track productivity of agents and get glance views of open, assigned and closed tickets

Customer DNA

Leverage AI to understand your customers. Segment and target them based on lifetime value, events and behaviour

Increased revenues, better engagement

Complete self-care. Cross-sell/Upsell to customers across touchpoints with the power of AI

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About Us

Ori is a digital customer self-care platform for the management of product/service lifecycles with a focus on increasing revenue, boosting engagement and reducing costs


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